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INPRO Guillotine – At Your Service…

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New Guillotine in PE 

Special full hydraulic large format cutter “Jumbo Cutter” now in our new warehouse facility in Gqeberha.

Overview – Simplicity in Performance

The cost- and time-saving solutions for large format printers!

New technology in order to square cut the widest range of POP/POS materials used by large format screen, digital and offset printing companies.


  • Full-colour touchscreen interface allows a fast, simple and efficient operation to increase accuracy and prevent costly mistakes
  • Computer stores up to 2970 cutting positions allowing repeat jobs to be processed quickly and efficiently
  • Inpro Large Format Special Cutters technology allows accurate and clean cutting of almost all POP/POS substrates resulting in flat, square materials that are easy to feed through the printing process
  • Inpro Large Format Special Cutters offer fully variable clamp pressure and adjustable speed and power of the knife allowing damage-free cutting of challenging substrates including thin gauge PVC foam, HIPS, ABS,, Polycarbonates, Twinwall Polyprop, PETG, cardboard etc 

Precision sheet cutting yields flat, square materials that are easy to feed through the printing process.

Ideally suited to any printing customers – Safety Signage, Real Estate Boards, Street pole Adverts, etc!


Watch this demo video to see exactly how it works.


Leave it to us to give you material that is PRECISELY square cut!

  • Bench Saw at each of our branches for square “cut-to-size” requests
  • Beveling machine (router) for Polycarbonate burglar bar strips
  • TPU Slitter – for cut to length requirements
  • Routing & Printing – for big project work we can router corners & laser print corporate identity onto boards

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