High Impact Polystyrene

High Impact Polystyrene is rubber-modified polystyrene. HIPS is widely used in applications requiring low cost & low structural strength.

Apex Polymer Solutions (formerly trading as Perspex SA) manufactures two different grades. Our High gloss has a top surface that is shiny and the bottom is matt. The second grade does not have a GPPS layer and this provides you with a Matt/Matt surface finish on both sides of the sheet.


PST and HIPS are two different materials used in the manufacturing of plastic products. While they both share several similarities, there are some key differences between the two that are worth highlighting. Here’s what you need to know about PST vs HIPS:

PST (Polystyrene) is a hard and rigid type of plastic, commonly used for items such as packaging, computer housings, toys, and food containers. It is lightweight, relatively brittle and has low levels of heat resistance. PST is not biodegradable.

HIPS (High-Impact Polystyrene) is a type of polystyrene that has been modified to have improved impact resistance. This makes it a popular choice for products that need to withstand greater structural stresses and impact, such as electronic equipment cases, cosmetic packaging, and household items. HIPS is also fully recyclable!

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