PERSPEX® Cast Acrylic

PERSPEX® cast acrylic sheets have been manufactured in the UK since 1933 and trademarked in 1934.

PERSPEX® Cast Acrylic remains the product of choice for outdoor signage and illumination applications.  This premium product continues to outperform its competitors and has a proven track record when it comes to our harsh African weather.  Backed by a 10 year meaningful warranty, PERSPEX® Cast Acrylic should be your first in enhancing your reputation for uncompromising quality. 

PERSPEX® Cast Acrylic is available in an exciting range of innovating colours and textures giving new meaning to the phrase “Your imagination is your only limitation”.

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Speciality grades

Speciality grades are also available on request depending on the application requirements. These include:

Specialized lighting grades

The VALUE of PERSPEX® Cast Acrylic

PERSPEX® Clear cast acrylic sheet has a higher light transmission than glass and Perspex® Acrylic can be repolished to regain clarity overtime.

Acrylic sheet is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. If you need help moulding or fabricating your Perspex Acrylic, find a fabricator here.  

Acrylic sheets have an excellent resistance to UV rays and most PERSPEX® Acrylic ranges have a 10 year external warranty, meaning the material will not discolour or degrade over time, even in our harsh African weather.

A 2mm thick Acrylic sheet weighs 2.4kg per m2, whereas a 2mm thick sheet of glass weighs 5kg per m2. However, glass of the same thickness as acrylic doesn’t have the same strength so to achieve the same strength, glass would be a much heavier alternative.

If you have partnered with a recycling company, PERSPEX® Acrylic sheets can be recycled all the way back to its raw monomer.

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