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Apex Polymer Solutions (formerly trading as Perspex SA) has successfully extruded PolyAl sheets from recycled plastic and aluminium in Tetra Pak packaging, which was destined for landfill sites. PolyAl rigid sheets are used to manufacture retail displays for some of the largest retailers in South Africa, (although the applications are endless).  This initiative represents a cradle-to-cradle recycling solution as the sheets can be recycled and remade repeatedly. To find out more, visit our PolyAl product page OR go to our NEWS page to read up on how PolyAl can be used in ZERO WASTE product displays.

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Bulungula Incubator

Apex Polymer Solutions (formerly trading as Perspex SA) proudly supports the Bulungula Incubator Program. The Bulungula Incubator aims to sustainably end poverty in a generation while enhancing community life and cohesiveness. They do this by partnering with their community, government, NGOs, and other innovative thinkers to find synergies between the traditional rural-African lifestyle and culture, and external innovations.

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