Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

ABS is an engineering thermoplastic material locally manufactured by Apex Polymer Solutions (formerly trading as Perspex SA) that has both strength and rigidity.

ABS is extremely tough and often used in vacuum forming applications for the automotive industry and it remains a firm favourite for printing & point of sale applications. It is easy to thermoform, can be printed, cut, glued and recycled. It is also hydroscopic and UV stabilizers can be added for extended outdoor usage.

Since March 2020, a perfect storm of events has been putting severe strain on supplies of plastic raw materials affecting all manufacturers and importers.  As a result of this, the industry is experiencing ongoing shortages, price increases and delivery delays. Global platforms are referring to these supply problems & disruptions as ‘record breaking’ and are expected to last well into the future.

At Apex Polymer Solutions (formerly trading as Perspex SA), we are constantly negotiating and ensuring we get the best price and don’t compromise on the quality of the material. We only use extrusion grade ABS, providing optimal performance for our materials. Many other suppliers use injection moulding and general-purpose grades. 

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