With the growing focus on sustainability in the food & farming industry, our PolyAl 100% recyclable sheeting is the perfect product to use for packaging, crating & eventually point of sale displays.  When it comes to lighting our solutions include energy savings, low maintenance and high-speed ROI, so you can concentrate on what matters to you and leave the lighting to us.

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Technology and Solutions

Farming today has two main themes: new technology and solutions for a changing climate. Farmers are constantly trying to increase profits while preserving their land.  Startup companies continue to receive support for the indoor production of fresh produce. Hundreds of vertical farming startups aim to utilize these new farming methods to produce vegetables in small spaces. Our Simona product offering offers solutions for aquaponic & hydroponic farming, whilst our HDPE can be fabricated into suitable storage silos & storage tanks where our food-grade Linashield can be used as a durable lining. 

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