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Illuminate your space with these Apex Aluminium Profile Kits

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Looking to impress new clients when they walk into your office space or even visitors at your home? We have two aluminium profile kits that will help you do just that! Our A70 recessed aluminium LED profile with flange and our A70 linear suspended lighting profile capable for modern architectural commercial lighting are both a versatile, modern, and effective lighting solution. These impressive installations can also be customised to suit your needs, as you can either paint, spray or anodise the aluminium profiles.

Benefits of the products

Both products have a wide range of benefits. The first, and one of the most important in today’s day and age, these products are energy efficient and eco-friendly. They can also be customised, anodised to a specific colour, the aluminium profiles can either be painted or sprayed to suit any space. Safety is also an important feature when it comes to choosing which products to purchase. Both the wall mounted and the suspension profile kits are flame retardant, self-extinguishing, and non-toxic.

These products also have a long lifespan as they have fantastic corrosion resistance and toughness. Consumers should note that these products are only released after meeting quality management examinations, so you are guaranteed to be getting the highest quality.

The key feature of these products is the removable inner tray to house slimline power supplies without impeding performance or lighting efficacy of the light source.


R293/metre excluding VAT (while stock lasts)

A70S suspension extruded profile (50mmX70mmX2000mm) with endcap and diffuser
A70R Recessed Profile (70mmX75mmX2000mm) with endcap and diffuser

Where can these products be used?

These kits can be used to light up a variety of spaces. The most common being above an office desk or boardroom table, in a reception area, or at the entrance to your home. However, these are not the only spaces in which these products can be used. Due to their versatility, these products can be customised and used pretty much anywhere.

Invest in these innovative lighting solutions to elevate the ambience and functionality of your environment while making a statement of sophistication and modernity.


R336/metre excluding VAT (while stock lasts)

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