Apex Polymer Solutions Expands Offering with X-CORE Corrugated Polypropylene Sheeting

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Apex Polymer Solutions is proud to announce the expansion of our product line with the introduction of X-CORE Corrugated Polypropylene Sheeting. This new offering represents a significant investment in our Gqeberha extrusion facility, underscoring our commitment to meeting market demand and providing top-quality solutions to our customers.

Meeting Market Demand

Our decision to expand into corrugated polypropylene sheeting is based on thorough market research and analysis, which revealed a growing demand for this versatile material. Stuart Hughes, Managing Director for Apex Polymer Solutions, emphasizes, “The current market’s supply cannot keep up with the local demand, never mind exports into Sub-Saharan Africa.” By expanding our extrusion facility, we are not only fulfilling this demand but also creating employment opportunities and establishing ourselves as industry leaders.

Enhancing Capacity and Efficiency

With the addition of the X-CORE line, we are increasing our capacity to meet customer demand promptly. This expansion allows us to enhance revenue, profitability, and competitive advantage while delivering exceptional quality and service. Additionally, our investment in a hydraulic large format guillotine enables us to offer a cost-effective and time-saving solution for large format screen and digital print customers, ensuring precise and efficient cutting.

Long-Term Vision

This strategic investment demonstrates our commitment to keeping pace with market trends and serving a previously underserved market segment.

Partner with Us

We are excited about the opportunities that our expanded offering brings and look forward to serving our customers with excellence and innovation. For more information about our X-CORE Corrugated Polypropylene Sheeting and other innovative solutions, please contact us today. Let us partner with you to shape a brighter future together.

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